Take Back Your “HAPPINESS”!

In this blog post, I will discuss taking back your happiness as part of my blog “Take Back Yourself!” blog series.

It time to take back your happiness! This blog post is about reminding yourself of what you want to see more of in your life that makes you happy. Get your diary, journal, tablet or notebook and make a list of 50 things that make you happy. The idea is that by verbalizing them, you will consciously (or subconsciously) seek them out more often.

What makes you happy? What kinds of things, people, activities, music, memories, places, foods, smells, make you feel alive?  Write down for a half an hour a list of 50 things that make you happy!

I know, it sounds like a lot, but once you get going, you realize that there are actually hundreds of things that make you happy!

There is nothing too small or silly to put on this list. It’s your list.

Don’t think. Just write.

Whatever first comes to mind will be real and true for you.

Okay. Ready. Set. Go.

Start writing your list of 50 things that make you happy. Take back your happiness!

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  1. Kamira

    I soo need to get back to my journaling. I like this idea of 50 things I like. Perfect way to manifest my desires and wants. Nice inspiring post.

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