September 1, 2020 Ten Anniversary Of My Exodus From Abuse

My name is Rekitta Peters, Founder/Owner, Purple Vision Blog. September 1, 2020 is the ten year anniversary of my exodus from my abuse marriage. Ten years ago on Wednesday, September 1, 2010, I at the age of 44 years old was a professional, college educated woman with 2 degrees, left my abusive now ex-husband with a black eye, damage for life eye retina and our 2 children’s age 6 years old (a boy) and a girl age (10 years old). As I write this blog posts today a decade later, I thankful to God that my life was spared when I could have been killed on that horrible day of September 1, 2010.

So many positive things have happen in my life and children lives since September 1, 2010. I divorced my abuse husband in October 2011. I got full sole custody of our minor 2 children. My kids and I moved away from the single-family house I once owned and we once shared with my now abusive ex-husband and we found a new place to live in a city and community that is safe, clean, quiet, prosperous,where there is a good quality of life, good schools parks, playgrounds and all the other amenities need in a good neighborhood to raise young children at time I left my abusive now ex-husband on September 1, 2010. Since that time on September 1, 2020 my children and I have had a better more healthily quality of life. My children and I have traveled on family summer vacations to such places as Decatur, Alabama (visit my BFF and attended festival); Dallas, Texas (Bishop T.D. Jakes “2013 Mega Festival”, “Gallery Shopping Mall-Dallas, Texas”, “Pappadeaux Restaurant”, “Adolphus, Autograph Collections Hotel”, and “Dave & Busters”); Houston, Texas (“Gallery Shopping Mall-Houston, Texas”, Pappadeaux Restaurant”, and Bishop T.D. Jakes “Women Thou Are Loose Conference” ); Atlanta, Georgia, (Bishop T.D. Jakes “Women Thou Art Loose Conference”, “The King Center”, “Genuine Mall”, “Hard Rock Cafe”, “Dave &Busters” and “Apex Museum” ); Orlando, Florida (“Disney world”); Chattanooga, Tennessee (“Ruby Falls” and “Look Out Mountain”); 2013 Essence Music Festival (to Celebrate my daughter 13th birthday and see Beyoncé Performance at the New Orleans SuperdomeTen); and 2016 Carnival Cruise Ship; (visited Cozumel, Mexico) and Asheville, North Carolina / Highlands, North Carolina (“The Blue Ridge Mountains” “The Mountain Retreat Learning Center”), Los Angeles, California (2011 APA Conference); and Boston, Massachusetts (2012 APA Conference). Ten years later my daughter who is a high school graduate (Class of 2018) who can speak Spanish fluently is now a 20 years old young woman who just moved into her 1st apartment and she is striving to make a better life for herself via work and furthering her education. My daughter has gotten her driver’s license and has her own car. My son is now 16 year old high school junior who is duly enrolled in high school and junior college classes taking a college business course while attending high school. My son has plan after high school to work save his money and fulfill his dream Tom have a career in the music industry.

I am now 54 years old divorced mother of 2 children a young adult daughter and a teenage son who is a survivor of domestic violence and thriving in life ten years after my exodus from my abusive former marriage. My bio today ten years later as of September 1, 2020 reads as follows: Rekitta Peters, holds a Master of Science Degree in Urban Planning from Columbia University and Bachelors of Arts Degree in Urban Studies from Dillard University. Rekitta Peters is the Founder and Owner of Purple Vision. Purple Vision is a blog dedicated to helping, empowering, encouraging, educating, women who are victims and survivors of domestic violence and honor the memory of women who have lost their life due to domestic violence. Learn more about Purple Vision Blog at Rekitta’s blogs have been published in the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) ‘s “Voices: The NCADV Blog”. Rekitta has served on the 2020 NCADV Conference Workshop Proposal Review Committee. Rekitta was the Keynote Speaker at the April 2019 Life After Domestic Violence (LADV) Telesummit. Rekitta has been interviewed on the LADV Podcast. Rekitta is a blogger, writer, teacher, public speaker, entrepreneur, social media administrator, podcaster and formerly the Assistant Director of the Council Research Division for the City of New Orleans. Rekitta is available for planning and facilitating assignments, social media administration, legislative policy research administration, writing assignments, speaking engagements, workshops, training, teaching, and conference offerings.

To all the victims of domestic violence, please do not allow fear to keep you in a relationship with an abusive person. Leave the relationship before it is too late and you get killed or seriously hurt or children get hurt if you have children. I am a living testimony , There is life after domestic violence. Make a choice today to live again to fulfill the call purpose and destiny God has for your life by leaving your abusive relationship. Love yourself enough to leave,

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