Rekitta Peters, Founder/Owner, Purple Vision Receives 1st Invitation To Speak At A Telesummit April 15- 20,2019

On April 15 – 20, 2019, I Rekitta Peters, Purple Vision Founder/Owner was invited to speak at my 1st ever telesummit with Dorothea “Thea” Robinson, Founder/Owner, Life After Domestic Violence at the LADV virtual 2019 telesummit. I am grateful for this opportunity to be invited by Dorothea “Thea” Robinson, speaker, author, writer, podcaster, life coach, and entrepreneur, to share my story of how I over came being a victim of domestic violence to a survivor of domestic violence and now thriving to live to my best life. In addition, I am humbled, and honored to be a servant leader being a speaking for the 1st time a telesummit in particular at the 2019 LADV Telesummit because in doing so it fulfilled the mission statement and vision statement of Purple Vision on Purple Vision website to help, encourage, educate, and empower women who are victims and survivors of domestic to create a vision for a better life for themselves and their family and honor the memory of women who lost their life due to domestic violence.

Special thanks to Dorothea “Thea” Robinson for inviting me Rekitta Peters, Founder/Owner, Purple Vision to speak at my 1st ever telesummit via the 2019 Life After Domestic Violence (LADV) Telesummit April 15 -20, 2019.

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