Purple Vision Founder/Owner Joins The Tribe Of “Real Talk With God”

On Monday, April 27, 2020, I Rekitta Peters, Founder/Owner, Purple Vision was invited to be apart of Mydra L. Kelly’s “Real Talk With God” tribe. Real Talk With God is a prayer line hosted by Mydra L. Kelly, MSW every Monday night at 6:00 p.m. CST / 7:00 p.m. EST. We invite you all to please join us on the prayer line every Monday night by calling 701-802-5201; Code: 7330227. You may contact 225-267-7877.

You may contact Mydra L. Kelly via email at MLKMsKelly@gmail.com, Realtalkwithmydra@gmail.com; leave a voice message or for bookings call (225) 267-7877 or read her blog on Mydra’s Musing on WordPress.org . Mydra L. Kelly holds a M.A. Degree in Clinical/Medical Social Work from Tulane University and B.A. Degree in Social Work with a Minor in Psychology & Communication from Southeastern Louisiana University. Mydra L. Kelly is a Master Level Social Worker, Former Clinician, Life Coach, Dynamic Writer, Singer, Actor, Producer and Entrepreneur. She is published staff writer with the Baton Rouge Weekly Press newspaper https://www.brweeklypress.com. She is the host of the Real Talk with Mydra on the Mydra Kelly radio show, and the moderator of Real Talk with God live call in interaction. Mydra L. Kelly is available for writing assignments, speaking engagements, acting, musical gigs, workshop, training and conference offerings.

Rekitta Peters, hold a M.S. degree in Urban Planning from Columbia University and B.A. degree in Urban Studies from Dillard University. Rekitta Peters is the founder and owner of Purple Vision Blog http://purplevision.org/blog . She is a blogger, writer, entrepreneur, and is currently the Assistant Director of the Council Research Division for the City of New Orleans. She is available for planning and facilitating assignments, social media administration, legislative policy research administration and writing assignments, speaking engagements, workshop, training, teaching, and conference offerings.

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