October Is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. How can you support victims and survivors of domestic violence this during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Here are 31 suggestions from the National Coalition Against of Domestic Violence (NCADV) to recognize and support victims and survivors of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.


October 1 – Day 1: Add a Twibbon to your social profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

October 2 – Day 2:  Check on family and friends who are victims and survivors of domestic violence to see how they are doing. Take them out to coffee, tea, breakfast, lunch, or dinner and be a support system to them.

October 3 – Day 3: Text #TakeAStand to 41444 and donate to NCADV

October 4 – Day 4:  Ask if your employers has a domestic violence policy; if not, encourage them to create one

October 5 – Day 5:  Organize a moment of silence in honor of victims and survivors

October 6 – Day 6:   Share a domestic violence statistic on social media

October 7 – Day 7:  Commit to adopt a local DV shelter for the holidays and send the individuals and families staying there clothing, toys, and gift cards

October 8 – Day 8:  Light the town purple! Paint the town purple. Wear purple and encourage your family to do the same!

October 9 – Day 9: Collect cell phones and electronics for recycling and donate the profits to NCADV or your local DV shelter/program

October 10- Day 10: Print a Take A Stand placard, take a selfie or group photo, and post it to social media using #TakeAStand

October 11 – Day 11: Ask local events to literally stand up and #TakeAStand

October 12 – Day 12: Follow NCADV on your favorite social media channels

October 13 – Day 13: Ask your favorite business to be a #MoveToEndDV Ambassador

October 14 – Day 14: Organize an event at a place of worship and include a domestic violence survivor

October 15 – Day 15: Become a member of NCADV

October 16 – Day 16: Talk about healthy vs. unhealthy relationships at mealtime

October 17 – Day 17: Research the positions candidates running for elected office have on domestic violence, firearms, violence against women, dating violence, stalking, etc.

October 18 – Day 18: Download the song “Cherry Wine” by Hozier

October 19 – Day 19: Organize an event on campus or at work and have a domestic violence survivor speaker

October 20 – Day 20: Pass out flyers at beauty salons, shopping malls, and grocery stores with information about Domestic Violence Awareness Month which includes the statement “If you or someone you love is a victim of domestic violence and needs help, contact the @ndvh or National Domestic Violence Hotline by phone, TTY, or chat at 1-800-799-SAFE

October 21 – Day 21: Sign up for NCADV emails and stay connected on key issues, action alerts on related legislation at state and national levels, and events (online and offline) on intersectional topics of domestic violence.

October 22 – Day 22: Organize a bake sale or car wash and donate the proceeds to your local domestic violence  program or shelter

October 23 – Day 23: If you’re a nurse, doctor, social worker, advocate, activist, educate your community about the health impacts of domestic violence

October 24 – Day 24: Ask your employer to match your donation to NCADV or the National Domestic Violence Hotline

October 25 – Day 25: Write and submit a letter to the editor of your local newspaper to raise awareness

October 26 – Day 26: Educate the teenagers in your life about digital dating violence

October 27 – Day 27: Remember NCADV in your estate planning

October 28 – Day 28: Encourage your athletic coaches to talk to their teams about the importance of respect and nonviolence

October 29 – Day 29: Honor victims who lost their lives to domestic violence by submitting their name to NCADV’s Remember My Name at ncadv.org/remember-my-name

October 30 – Day 30: Hold a garage sale and donate the proceeds to your local shelter or program

October 31 – Day 31: Save the date for October  2019 – the 2th anniversary of Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

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