I hope this poem pen by yours truly brings encouragement to those who need it the most. This poem is the first poem I have written. The poem is entitled “I am a SURVIVOR!”

“I am a SURVIVOR!”

Written By: Rekitta Peters, Owner/Founder of Purple Vision

By the grace of God, I am a SURVIVOR!

I survived the physical abuse.

I survived the emotional abuse

I survived the mental abuse.

I survived the financial abuse.

I survived the black eyes.

I survived the swollen lip.

I survived the emergency room visits.

I survived the legal separation.

I survived the depression.

I survived the loneliness I felt at that time as a married women being abused.

I survived the isolation.

I survived the repeated times I went back for reconciliation trying to save my marriage.

I survived moving from our single-family home of 8 years with 2 small children to a 2 bedroom apartment.

I survived calls to 911 for help from the  police.

I survived filing protective orders.

I survived professional counseling for my kids and myself.

I survived being jailed while being 7 month pregnant with my unborn son because I wanted to know from then husband where our 4 year old daughter had been taken.

I survived police officers coming to my door in the middle of night waking our 2 small children up and I because my husband at the time wanted to pick up his belongs from the home we shared with our family that he could not longer come to because of the protective order.

I survived him showing up at my job disrupting my work environment which could have caused me to lose my job.

I survived covering my face up with makeup to conceal black eyes.

I survived the divorce court.

I survived child support court.

I survived being called bitch, ugly, fat, etc.

I survived betrayal from people who I called friend.

I survived the shame, humiliation, and embarrassment, guilt, confusion, rage, anger, sadness, mind games, control, power struggles, disbelief, denial, shock,  and the low self esteem I felt at times.

I survived and so you too will survive because we are SURVIVORS!

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  1. Lydia

    …And inspite of, or because of, the struggle, you my friend, are blessed, invaluable and chosen to mentor.
    Luv ya

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