Guest Blog 8: “How Is Your Heart?” By: Bishop Marcia Dinkins

A week ago, I asked a dear friend how their heart was doing.  My friend shared that at that moment, he did not know how to answer.  He struggled to answer superficially; however, he decided not to answer in that manner.  What he found himself doing is staring at the text feeling and knowing that the inquiry into the most intimate place of his life was being called upon to interrogate the essence of his soul.  As we move forward into 2022, many people are heart broken, wounded, struggling with loss, grief, hostility, anguish, and despair.  While many are enjoying the time with their families, others are picking up the broken pieces of their family.  Kentuckians have been traumatized and countless others who experienced the wrath of the tornado as it tore through not only their homes, but their lives.  Today, I write to remind you to ask some one “how is their heart” and truly mean it.  Call upon curiosity and empathy and ask them to co-exist with one another as you help a person to find spots of joy that they can embrace.  This means that you may have to smile for someone else as they wrestle with the old cliché – – ‘tis the season to be jolly.  You may have to be the ray of hope for someone feeling hopeless or even the hand that is offered to lift them up and out of their moment of pain.  Whatever the position or the posture that you must take, let compassion help you to assume the position so that we can lovingly love on someone else.  This season is not glad tidings for everyone.  This season is not a big meal on the dinner table.  This season may not be one of smiles; however, if you are truly interested in how a person’s heart is, you will hear, feel, and see their need and help to meet it even if it is a dinner invitation to sit at your dinner table and break peanut butter sandwiches.  As we move through the abundance of life and what it offers, remember that you are an invitation to someone and extend the invitation to walk alongside them quietly, fiercely, kindly and lovingly because we all want to know that when you open up an invitation for me to speak, we truly want to know that you deeply care.  May this season be one the ground and support you in radical affection, exquisite love.  New hope.  The desire to daydream again and more importantly to live another day with a heart that beats loud enough becomes the invitation for one to come on in.

Joy, peace, and love to you today and every day.

Bishop Marcia Dinkins

Bishop Marcia Dinkins, Executive Director, Black Women Rising Nonprofit Organization

Bishop Marcia Dinkins is a domestic violence survivor. She is a mother. Bishop Dinkins is the Founder of the Black Women Rising Nonprofit Organization as well as Forever Change Ministries located in Ohio. She is the host of “There Is A Word” series on you tube. Bishop Marcia Dinkins can be reached via email at .

Black Women Rising Nonprofit Organization

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