Guest Blog 5: Coming Soon Book “Hosepipe That Gets Watered First” By: Abigail Johnson Williams, CNA

Coming soon book entitled “Hosepipe That Gets Watered First” by Abigail Johnson Williams. From starting out as a teen mother and surviving multiple abusive relationships, I have been transformed, refreshed, and restored by the healing love of Jesus Christ. Like the woman at the well, I met a man one day who changed my life. I took a drink of living water and now my mission is to water women and men all over the world by telling them about the one who watered me first and is now sparkling his love everywhere through the hose of my life. Man couldn’t kill me and not even domestic violence and COVID could take my life. I am a walking testimony of triumph and restoration.

The purpose of my upcoming book entitled “Hosepipe That Gets Watered First” is to uplift, encourage, inspire and give hope to anyone that has been through a domestic violence situation and survived. I will share how I survived domestic violence as well as other challenges in my life. I pray and hope that this book touches and changes at least one victim and survivor of domestic violence life where they too will be empowered to share their own personal story of survival. It will give me a feeling of great joy knowing I made a positive difference and helped someone else survive too via my upcoming book “Hosepipe That Gets Watered First” coming soon for purchase at your local bookstore and online. Thank you all in advance for your support, prayers and encouragement. Sincerely, Abigail Johnson Williams

Abigail Johnson Williams

Abigail Johnson Williams, CNA is a domestic violence survivor and soon to be author of her first book entitled “Hosepipe That Gets Watered First”. She is wife, mother, grandmother and soon to be great grandmother. Abigail is a member of the Heavenly Hope Ministries Church where Stephen Johnson serves as Senior Pastor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She serves the Elder Doc Ministry founded by Dr. Lisa Trusclair. Abigail is a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) who has worked in the healthcare field for over 16 years working at Harmony Center with mentally challenged adults as well as working at the Louisiana Rehabilitation Center.

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  1. Jacqueline Bennett Smith

    Wishing you much success on your book. I will be glad to buy one. As women we go through the storm to get to the sunshine. Let’s God get the Victory. Very proud of your accomplishments and future endeavors. Love you my friend /sister in Christ. Jacqueline Bennett Smith

  2. Author Angella Wynn

    Congratulations Abigail!! I pray nothing but good for you and much success❤️❤️

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