Guest Blog 1: Activating The Power Within By: Mydra L. Kelly, MSW, Mydra’s Musing Blog

Activating the power within

Being empowered to know who you are.

By Mydra L. Kelly, MSW for The Purple Vision Blog

For years you may have let someone else describe, define you and maybe even defame you. I’m wondering why that was, and maybe still is. I may not know the real answer, but I will bet I can give you one of the most important reasons. It is because you do not know who you are, and not knowing who you are is dangerous, deadly, and detrimental to your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. 

I have a philosophy that I coined many years ago and it goes like this; “Let no man tell you who you are, tell him first.” You see, when you are not able to articulate your being, believe me, a million other people are waiting and wanting to do it for you. For instance, think of one distinct way that you identify yourself. Now answer this question. Where did this description come from? Who told you that? Chances are it was not you. So please tell me, why do you hold on to it, believing it and continuously repeating it to other people? Last time I checked; heresy was notGospel. Nothing becomes a truth until “you” believe it.

Now that I have got you thinking, let’s continue. So, he told you weren’t good enough, he said you were worthless, she said you were too ugly, too fat, too stupid. He said no one else would ever want or love you again. And you believed them? Who gave anyone that much power over you? You did! Yes, you did, but I have got some good news for you. The same way you permitted people to take your power away, is the same way that you will choose to empower yourself to decide to take it back, today. That right, it is just that simple. All you must do is decide that you want to. The hardest part is deciding and believing that the choice is yours because it is. 

But don’t be afraid, you are not alone. I am getting ready to help you right now. Are you ready? Take a deep breath and repeat after me: (And say it like you mean it) Right here, right now, I choose me. I choose to free myself from all the negative, horrible things that allowed someone else to say about me, and to me. I confess that I gave away my power, but today I am choosing to take it back! I am good, I am smart, I can do and be anything that I choose to be. I am already more than enough and everything I need; God has already put inside of me. Wow! Look at you.

All right, we have just one more step and you are on your way. You have accessed your power; now let’s activate that power on the inside okay? Here we go…are you ready? Say it with me, YES! Yes, I believe, yes, I receive, yes, I will, yes, I can do it! Yes, yes, yes. You’ve got it. You see when you say yes, you are giving both yourself and your creator the permission to go forth.  Yes, is liberating. There is power in your yes, so use it with care. Now be empowered and get out there and live your best life. Be gentle with yourself because it may seem a little scary atfirst, but remember, you are not alone. God and the entire universe want to help you. All you must do is ask. Asking is one of your most powerful tools. Use it! I wish you peace and blessings, you’ve got this.  

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Mydra L. Kelly holds a M.A. Degree in Clinical/Medical Social Work from Tulane University and B.A. Degree in Social Work with a Minor in Psychology & Communications from Southeastern Louisiana University. Mydra L. Kelly is a Master Level Social Worker, Former Clinician, Life Coach, Dynamic Writer, Singer, Actor, Producer and Entrepreneur. She is a published staff writer with the Baton Rouge Weekly Press newspaper . She is the host of the Real Talk with Mydra on the Mydra Kelly radio show, and the moderator of Real talk with God live call in interaction. She is available for writing assignments, speaking engagements, acting and musical gigs, workshop, training and conference offerings.

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