Finding A Good Therapist For Domestic Violence Victims and Survivors

As a victim and survivor of domestic violence, if you don’t yet have a therapist, find one. A good therapist will be someone you feel comfortable talking to. It also helps if their office is in close proximity to your home, work, or school. It shouldn’t be a hassle for you as a victim and survivor of domestic violence to get there for your therapy appointment. You certainly don’t need the additional stress after all the trauma you have already been though.

Here is a helpful tool to finding a good  therapist in your local area. You can search by state or by the specific issue you need help with. The directory also lists the type of  health insurance the therapist will accept.

Therapist Directory from Psychology Today

Please go to this link to find a good therapist

If you have a health insurance, it is likely that your visits will be at least partially covered. And if you are a college/graduate student, you can probably visit your campus counselor for FREE.  I would work with very good therapist during and after my divorce as a former victim and now survivor of domestic violence. It was best thing I could have done for myself and my healing process as a former victim of domestic violence.

Please hear me when I say that therapy is not just for people who are victims and survivor of domestic violence who are depressed due to the lose. It helps everything in your life come together when you understand  yourself and why certain things don’t seem to “click” together as they should. Therapy can help you work through personal issues that are preventing you from having healthy relationships with others. It can help you get back on track with your career, yourself, and your family. It can also help you eliminate some of the self destructive bad habits, self sabotaging ways of thinking and living, and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from creating a better life for you and your family.

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