Celebration List – June 2020 / Journaling Prompts To Help Create Monthly Celebration List

Following a suggested from an email I received from Rosetta Thurman, Life Coach for the remainder of 2020, I want to start writing a monthly gratitude journal so I can see just how far God have brought me from month to month throughout the year. What I will be doing is looking back over the course of the previous month and write down all the important accomplishments and milestones I experienced in my life and business.

Here’s my list of what I’m celebrating as a former victim, survivor and thriver of domestic violence for June 2020.

  1. Wrote and Published 12 blog post on my Purple Vision Blog.
  2. Applied to sit on the 2020 National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) Workshop Proposal Session Review Committee
  3. Selected to sit on the 2020 NCADV Workshop Proposal Session Review Committee
  4. Guest Blog Post Submission from written by Purple Vision Blog Founder/Owner/Blogger Rekitta Peters entitled “Be Good To Yourself!” was selected and published on NCADV’s Voices: The NCADV Blog
  5. Completed reviewing and grading all 15 assigned 2020 NCADV Workshop Proposals before July 2, 2020 deadline
  6. Received letter from employer stating upcoming eligibility for retirement under Rule of 80 retirement option
  7. Celebrated 26 year work anniversary
  8. Submitted retirement papers
  9. Completed daily, weekly, monthly self care (i.e. doctors appointments, hair appointment, prayed, meditated, attended weekly church worship virtually online, eat balance meals, slept more, and drunk more fluids to keep my body hydrated, took my victims, said my daily positive affirmations, love myself more, encouraged myself)
  10. Spent time with my elderly father Father Day’s Weekly
  11. Received 2nd guest blog submission for publication on Purple Vision Blog from blogger Mydra L. Kelly entitled “8 minutes 46 seconds”.
  12. Received my NCADV’s Certificate of Completion for attending webinar “Estimating the Impact of Domestic Violence on Local Communities in a Post COVID Environment”
  13. Installation of AT&T new cable box in my kids room completed, update of high speed internet service to correct cable/internet service package completed with a slash of my cable/internet bill by half which includes an addition of several new cable movie channels via HBO Max
  14. Spent some mother and daughter quality time with my only daughter helping my daughter completed her furniture shopping selections which include a new bed and sofa at Rooms To Go Furniture Store
  15. Spent quality time with my only son having our mother and son time
  16. Applied for 3 new jobs
  17. Received call back from company to verify interested and availability in returning back to company in near future due to job laid off back in March 2020 due to Coronavirus Pandemic
  18. Participate in weekly online church fellowship and prayer line call via Free Conference Call (FCC)
  19. Managed my household expensive, cooked, took breakfast and lunch to work, cleaned out, wash, dry, and fold clothes
  20. Received F. S. Card
  21. Attended 1st ever 2020 Virtual Essence Music Festival and Concert Series June 25-28, 2020 and July 2-5, 2020 via all social media platform (i.e. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  22. Honored and celebrated the 2020 Juneteenth Day (June 19, 2020) by purchasing an item or service from a black owned business. I purchased hair care services from a black owned business in June 2020 honoring and celebrating 2020 Juneteenth Day.

Like life coach Rosetta Thurman, I took some self care time for me in June 2020 and going to July 2020. When there’s a lot going on externally that I can’t change, it always helps me to have plenty of self care time as well and focus on things I can control.

As always, I too encourage you like Rosetta Thurman, Life Coach suggested you too claim ALL of your wins – no matter what stage you’re at in your own intentional personal life growth and development and business. And don’t forget to actually reward yourself for a job well down!

I REWARD myself for a job well down in regards the goals I completed for my life and business and brought myself in June 2020 a brand new much needed “Bessel Powerforce Helix” vacuum cleaner which is the #1 consumers choice in vacuums.

If you’re like me and just starting this practice of doing your monthly Celebration List, feel free to use the following journaling prompts suggested by life coach Rosetta Thurman and get into all the gratitude vibes right now.


  • What experiences are you grateful for from June 2020?
  • What do you want to celebrate from June 2020?
  • What made you feel happy, proud, or blessed from June 2020?

Now, it is your turn to complete your June 2020 Celebration List. Make sure you make this a monthly routine each month using the 3 journaling prompts questions above to create your own end of the monthly celebration list so you can track your progress in regarding to your own intentional personal growth and development and business. Do forget to reward yourself each month once you complete your monthly celebration list.

Thank you for reading my Purple Vision Blog. I hope that you come back for more next time. Feel free to like, share, and leave comments.

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