Celebrate July 2020 Wins!

On June 30, 2020, I started writing a monthly gratitude journal so I can see just how far the Lord have brought me from month to month throughout the year. Now, I am ready to look back over the course of July 2020 and write down in this blog post all the important accomplishments and milestones I experienced in my life and business.

Here’s my list of what I’m celebrating, as a former victim and survivor of domestic violence who is now thriving in life, from July 2020.

1. Wrote and published 11 new blog post on Purple Vision Blog

2. Completed daily, weekly, monthly, self-care (i.e. doctors appointments, dentists appointments, mediated, attended weekly church worship service virtually online, ate balance meals, slept more, and drunk more fluids to keep my body hydrated, took vitamins, said my positive affirmations, love myself more and encouraged myself)

3. Celebrated only daughter’s 20th birthday

4. Went to all scheduled dental appointments

5. Went to all scheduled doctor appointments

6. Successful recover from 1 day outpatient surgery

7. Completed reviewing and grading all 15 assigned 2020 NCADV (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence) workshop proposals before the deadline of July 2, 2020. Learned later that 4 out of the 15 proposals reviewed and graded were chosen to be presented as workshops at the 2020 NCADV Conference to be held in October 2020

8. Supported several black owned businesses this month by either buying their products or services

9. Visited new place of business (Queendom Aesthetics)

10. Attended the Desperate for Jesus (DFJ) 2 day Virtual Conference July 24-25, 2020

11. Successful moved daughter into her 1st apartment

12. Became officially eligible on July 11, 2020 to retire under the Rule of 80 retirement option on my job

13. Received $428 in c.s. check

14. Received positive feedback / comments on guest blog submission to NCADV on both NCADV Facebook Page as well as NCADV LinkedIn Page

15. Applied for 2 new jobs

16. Interviewed for a new job

17. Hired for a new job

18. Spent quality time with elderly father

19. Spent some mother and daughter time only with only daughter helping daughter to decorate her 1st apartment

20. Paid OFF car loan in the amount of $583.22 with Capital One Auto Finance on July 21, 2020. No more car note. Now own car

21. Spent quality time with only son having our mother and son time

22. Submitted application for consideration to take virtual training with the New Orleans Family Justice Center (NOFJC) to become a volunteer (with a possibility of being paid) “Medical Advocate” for victims of sexual assault and intimate partner violence

23. Participated in weekly online virtual church fellowship and prayer line call via free conference call (fcc)

24. Managed household expenses, cooked, took my breakfast and lunch to work, cleaned up, washed dryer and folded up clothes

25. Emailed NCADV’s contact person about information to be considered to become apart of NCADV’s “Voices, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) Speaker’s Bureau”

26. Attended July 2-5, 2020 1st virtual Essence Music Festival

27. Retired from job this month under Rule of 80 retirement option on July 31, 2020

28. Completed and mailed off for processing Nationwide Retirement Solutions “Universal Life Policy Maintenance” form converting ownership to employee to employer

29. Completed and mailed off for processing Nationwide Retirement Solutions “Name * Address * Beneficiary Change” form removing a deceased relative as a contingent beneficiary

30. Daughter hired for a new job

31. Purchased new vision and dental policy health insurance policy from new vendor Humana Health Insurance replace previous health insurance provider United Healthcare

32. Received a retirement gift and card from a coworker and 2 emails from bosses sending well wishes on retirement

33. Joined Tiffany The Budgetnista FREE 22 Day Homebuyer Challenge that started on July 27, 2020

34. Completed and mailed for processing Nationwide Retirement Solutions “Distribution Request for 457(b) Governmental Plan” form

35. Credit score went up 1 point from 678 to 679 credit score

36. Joined Altovise Pelzer world voice league Facebook group

37. Invested in self and business and paid small fee to take Altovise Pelzer’s World Voice League online virtual challenge entitled “31 Days To Be Heard Challenge” will start this challenge in either in August 2020 or October 2020

38. Received 3 pay period checks

I encourage you too to claim ALL of your wins – no matter what stage you’re at in your own intentional person growth and development and business. And don’t forget to actually reward yourself for a job well done!

I REWARDED myself for a job well down in regards to the goals I completed for my life and business this month and brought myself in July 2020 some skin care products from a local black own business where I live called Queendom Aesthetics Spa https://queendomaesthetics.com . The owner of Queendom Aesthetics is Melissa Odum. The products I purchased from Queendom Aesthetics are as follows: 1. Glow Girl Beauty Bar and 2. Beauty Cream Moisturizer https://queendomaesthetics.com .

If you’re like me and you want to practice writing your monthly celebration list, feel free to use the following journaling prompts suggested by life coach Rosetta Thurman and get into all the gratitude vibes right now.


  • What experience are you grateful for from July 2020?
  • What do you want to celebrate from July 2020?
  • What made you feel happy, proud, or blessed from July 2020?

Now, it is your turn to complete your July 2020 Celebration List. Make sure you make this a monthly routine each month using the 3 journaling prompts questions above to create your own end of the month celebration list so you can track your progress in regarding to your own intentional personal growth and development and business. Do not forget to reward yourself each month once you complete your monthly celebration list.

Thank you for reading my Purple Vision Blog http://purplevision.org . I hope that you come back for more next. Feel free to like, share, and leave comments.
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