Celebrate August 2020 Win!

Started writing a monthly gratitude journal at the end of the 2nd quarter of 2020 so I can see just how far the Lord have brought me from month to month throughout the year. Now, I am ready to look back over the course of August 2020 and write down in this blog post all the important accomplishments and milestones I experienced.

Here’s my list of what I’m celebrating, as a former victims who is now thriving in life, from August 2020.

  1. Celebrated my 54th birthday on August 6
  2. Wrote and/or published 7 new blog posts on Purple Vision Blog
  3. Received a 3th guest blog submission for publication on the Purple Vision blog from Miss. Acadia Jacob, MPH who saw my blog entitled “Voices of Empowerment, Survival & Honor: The Purple Vision Blog – Submitting Guest Posts” in the LinkedIn Group “Domestic Violence Lawyers and Professionals”
  4. Completed daily, weekly, monthly, self-care (i.e, dentist appointments, eye doctor appointment, attended weekly church worship service virtually online, ate balance meals, slept more, and drunk more fluids to keep my body hydrated, took vitamins, said my positive affirmations, lovely myself more and encouraged myself)
  5. Completed my scheduled eye doctor appointment Thursday, August 13, 2020 at Lens Crafter Dr. Richardson
  6. Completed my scheduled dentist appointment August 17, 2020
  7. Received new blog topic ideas from God to write about in the future or in future blog post for Purple Vision
  8. Received check from my 457(b) plan
  9. Received check from my annual leave
  10. Applied for 3 jobs (NACA, MSY Airport and Cintas)
  11. Received last official city pay check
  12. Enjoyed 1st officials day of retirement
  13. Received new Humana vision and Dental Health Insurance
  14. Received opportunity to co-author a book
  15. Created my Gumroad Bio on my Gumroad account
  16. Created my own subdomain on my Gumroad account
  17. Registered for FREE “Elevate Financial Influence Conference” with Tiffany O’Aliche, Panelist, The Budgetnista
  18. Started new job
  19. Credit score went up 9 points in August 2020 from 679 to 688 credit score because I paid off my car note in July 2020
  20. Received my 1st pay check from my new job
  21. Received my 2nd pay check from my new job
  22. Lost my I-Phone 10 temporary had purchase new I-Phone 11
  23. Received $5.00 e-gift for my birthday from Copeland Restaurant
  24. Replaced my car tire under warranty at Walmart Auto Center
  25. Received $5.00 off coupon from Sally’s Beauty Supply Store use it to buy cuticle oil for finger nails
  26. Visited a new place of business (Melba Old School Po-Boys)
  27. Prepared my son for his 1st day of school virtually for the 2021-2022 school year
  28. Paid out my layaway at Rooms To Go Furniture Store for my only daughter new bed for her new apartment
  29. Paid my bills
  30. Paid my 2019 State Taxes bill
  31. Received titles to my car a 2015 Kia Sportage I now own my car
  32. Spent quality time with my elderly father
  33. Spent quality time with my only son
  34. Spent quality time with my only daughter
  35. Attended weekly online church fellowship, bible study and prayer line
  36. managed household expenses, cooked, took my breakfast to work and lunch to work cleaned up, washed, dry, and fold up clothes
  37. Submitted my application to NCADV Speakers Bureau
  38. Sent e-mail to Abhijit Ganguly Editor Chief of Up Words Magazine
  39. Received email invitation to attend Free International Association of a Women
  40. Purchased new shoes via new job using 30 present employee discount at Sketchers
  41. Exercise more this month
  42. Updated my resume on indeed.com
  43. Received c.s. check

I encourage you too to claim ALL of your wins – no matter what stage you’re at in your own intentional personal growth and development and business. And don’t forget to actually reward yourself for a job well down!

I REWARDED myself for a job well done in regards to the goals I completed for my life and business this month and to celebrate my 54th birthday on August 6 and brought myself scent candles from Bath and Body Works, a 14 karat gold 18 inch necklace, a pedicure, a manicure and a eye arch. My children give me for my birthday this month a 2 dozen roses in pink and red and 2 birthday cards. I got a Free ice cream cone from Baskin Robbins, cheesecake and take out dinner and Daiquiri drink from Melbas Old School Po-Boy Restaurant.

if you’re like me and you want to practice writing your monthly celebration list, feel free to use the following journaling prompts suggested by life coach Rosetta Thurman and get into all the gratitude vibes right now.


o What experience are you grateful for from August 2020?

o What do you want to celebrate from August 2020?

o What made you feel happy, proud, or blessed from August 2020?

Now, it is your turn to complete your August 2020 Celebration List. Make sure you make this a monthly routine each month using the 3 journaling prompts questions above to create your own end the month celebration list so you can track your progress regarding your own intentional personal growth and development and business. Do not forget to reward yourself each month once you complete your monthly celebration list.

Thank you for reading my Purple Vision blog http://purplevision.org . I hope that you come back for more next time. Feel free to like, share, and leave comments.

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