By This Time Next Year (December 31, 2020) – Speaking Things Into Existence

By this time next year on December 31, 2020, I Rekitta Peters will be healthier, richer, more peaceful, promoted, in love, out of debt, closer to God, closer to my family, married to a good man who loves God, have a successful business with my business Purple Vision serving victims and survivors of domestic violence, a homeowners owning several properties, traveling the world with my 2 children, family, and close friends for business and vacation, the head and not the tail, lost over 109 pounds of body fat and have exercised at the gym consistently every week throughout the year, eating right, drinking at least 8 glasses of water, sleep 8 hours or more a day, blogging and publishing new blog posts on my Purple Vision Blog, written and self published several E-Books and books via my business Purple Vision, submitted for consideration and publication several guest blog post to other well known national blogs via Purple Vision, host several Purple Vision events live and online (i.e. watch parties, webinars, telesummits, etc.), written and develop several Purple Vision online webinar courses focus on helping victims and survivors of domestic and witness and see my prayers answered as my daughter and son grow and develop into productive, loving God fearing young woman and young man. This time next year (December 31, 2020) my son will have completed his drivers education class and have his drivers learners permit or driver license. My son will have worked his 1st summer job and saved his earning for his future dreams and career endeavors. My son will be doing excellent as a junior 11 grade student in high school. My daughter will successfully continue her college education and career business endeavors and my kids and I will work collectively as a family to help each other and others less fortunate and grow in grace, love, and mercy in the things of God by this time next year on December 31, 2020 and generational wealth and blessings will be passed down from me to my children’s children. I speak life over my life in Jesus Christ Name Amen.

Now it is time for you to speak life over your own life, over your children life and over your extended family life.


Rekitta Peters, Founder/Owner, Purple Vision



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