A Letter To Your Future Self

To all victims and survivors of domestic violence, please take the time to utilize this journaling tool to assist you in your healing process and help you to create a vision for a better life for you and you family as a survivor domestic violence and thrive in your new life after domestic violence.

Go to https://www.futureme.org and write a letter to your future self congratulating yourself for how you have create a positive life for you and / or your family after surviving domestic violence. This writing exercise will turn into a deep reflective process. In writing this letter where, you will began to remember things about your life before domestic violence happen, during domestic violence and after domestic violence that you may have forgot about. You may weep, laugh, be sad, or angry as you write your letter to your future self but continue to write and use the process of journaling your thoughts as a healing tool. You are a survivor.

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